things i try to constantly remember

since battling cancer twice and dealing with some pretty heavy stuff over the past few years, i’ve had to constantly remind myself of certain things.

  • other people’s problems aren’t your problems.
  • your wins might not be others’ wins.
  • don’t get overwhelmed, it’s never the end of the world.
  • work and life are not one in the same.
  • it’s fine. chill out.
  • you can’t change people or their perceptions, just go with the flow.
  • for some, nothing will ever be good enough.

i find that most of the anxiety i get or shitty feelings i have are thrown on me by other people. why? because they don’t know how to handle their own issues and i’m someone who always listens and cares. i get taken advantage of because of that, but less so lately. so that’s a win.