Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Paint Protection

Drew Ian
Drew Ian
Jul 29 · 3 min read

Applying Ceramic Paint Protection has been a common procedure for some car owners. It has been sometimes, a requirement for some who really loves their car since it protects the coating of the car from different weather conditions and scratches.

But not all that are beneficial are good, there will always be a negative thing that could happen to the car. So what are the pros and cons of having ceramic paint protections for your car?

Here is a list of the advantages of having your car paint protected:

• It makes your car look good for the longest time possible

  • Since it protects your car into any weather especially the rain. We all know that the car’s greatest enemy is the rain.

• Good protection for the surface of your vehicle

-It protects it from most dirt, chemical contamination's, and scratches. It also has no side effects on the original paint of the car.

• It is so much easier to clean.

-Since it is paint protected, the surface is smooth. So the water and soap are easier to clean than cars that don’t have any paint protection.

  • It is better than wax
  • Usually, cars are being waxed to have that shine, but it was only for a small amount of time and it wears off for a few days. Of course, if there are advantages.

There are disadvantages to paint protection.

  • You won’t have your car for a few days

-In some car detailing companies, paint protection may take up to a whole day up to 3 days for them to finish the process. This is because it takes several steps for the paint protection to be fully effective in the car.

  • Paint protection is expensive

-In the market, ceramic protection is expensive. But the good thing about this one is if you invested in it, the layer of coating will last for a long time, even years.

• Possibly, you need to go back to the detailing shop

-If not applied properly, the ceramic coating on your car might not look good and may look like a disaster. But this is rare as long as the car detailing company is an expert and very reliable.

Comparing these advantages and disadvantages of paint protection, the pros outweigh the cons. If you have money for ceramic coating, it is really advisable to do so to take care of your car. The good thing as well is that some companies offer courtesy cars whenever they will need your car for a few days for the process. A great car detailing company in Brisbane can definitely deliver results and can match your budget with what kind of paint protection you can have.

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