Part IV On Conflict, War, & Mortality — Characters of the Nasty Sort

Characters of every sort, shape, and persuasion form the skin of a story. Villains, victims, heroes; for good or ill they inhabit a novel’s pages, march across its landscape. Through its characters we discover what we cannot see of a story — its bones, heart, and sinew, the scaffolding of…

The shock was immediate. That damned Martin. He can’t kill off Robb!

OK, he can. And obviously did! But it feels like I’m just happily sinking into the series and he’s killed off the bloody hero who’s supposed to carry this epic to the end. Or not. And at a…

Drew Dobson

A musician, avid reader, crochet master, and author of an epic fantasy shared with many. ("The Years of Bone And Ash")

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