What the Tech Reviewers Aren’t Telling You about the iPhone
Chris Pirillo

My Nexus 5 recently broke so I decided to get the iPhone 6s since it looked gorgeous and had just been released. I love the hardware, it’s sleek, powerful and sexy. The operating system is complete crap though. Cross platform apps are completely different on iOS than on Android, usually for the worse and a lot of the time missing features which made them great apps on Android. Facebook and other apps crash constantly. It lags and freezes when it needs to process data being used. Autocorrect really is a pain to use. Makes my typing worse about 40% of the time, changing things that never needed to be changed because Apple figures it knows the sentence I’m trying to type. All in all, I’m really disappointed with it. If I could keep the phone itself and install Android on it, I would in a heartbeat, because Android is way more streamlined and intuitive. This is a great phone, don’t get me wrong, but Apple has been sliding down in quality lately.

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