Imagine your a Starwood Preferred Guest, on the way from the airport to the hotel you receive a notification with your room number and the option to view the 3D walking directions from the inside of the hotel. From the minute you enter the hotel lobby, the hotel knows you have arrived as the doorman receives a notification on his tablet, allowing him to greet you “Mr. Crawford, welcome back.”

No need to stop by the front desk because you already pre-checked in on the app right after your plane landed. You pull up the 3D walking directions on your phone since you left your Google Glasses at home for the trip. The directions guide you to your room on the 9th floor where you swipe your phone over the digital lock to open the door.

As soon as you walk in, the lighting, climate control system, and even the scent of the air are automatically set to your saved profile settings to ensure the ultimate hospitality experience. You head over and jump on the bed, which is set to the exact inclination and firmness level that you like. You grab the tablet control device and open up your Spotify account to play your favorite playlist over the surround sound system, as you order room service directly from the tablet and charge it to your account.

While your waiting for the food to arrive, you decide to take a quick shower. When you turn the water on, it comes out the exact temperature that you love, with the option to adjust a thermal dial. When you’re all done, you grab a towel from the dispenser, which with the help of a sensor alerts housekeeping when towels are low. Speaking of housekeeping, instead of Do Not Disturb signs on the door, it will be set by you, the guest via the tablet when you do want and do not want service, which will be sent to the housekeeping on a real-time basis staff allowing them to better staff and service all of the rooms.

Just as you finished drying off, you get a knock on the door and a notification pops up on the tablet alerting you that your room service has arrived and who is delivering it. You open the door knowing that Sam has your filet mignon and red wine, and you thank him for his service after he sets the tray down. After the door closes, you decided to offer Sam a tip for his great service, $20 should do. You hit the ‘Add Tip’ option on the tablet app and hit send. Sam is notified of the tip on his smartphone as he is going back down the elevator for the next order, you just made his day!

As you enjoy your steak and wine dinner after a long day of travel, while listening to your favorite music, in a room that is set to the optimal temperature, you begin to ponder how the experiences in our daily life are connected into the Internet of Things.

You think, this is just the beginning….

— — — — -

After seeing the infographic above and reading that “there was one device connected to the internet per person on earth. They forecast that by 2020, this number will increase to 9 devices per person,” I began to imagine how we will interact with the things around us. One industry in particular is very intriguing: hotels, restaurants, and tourism.

How will sensors, connected devices, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality shape our real life to create the best overall experience?

Just imagine the possibilities.