Do You Even Have A Dream To Chase?

Is your dream worth chasing?

One of the problems that I come across when I am talking to guys who say they want to get more out of life is their lack of a dream worthy of chasing.

Of course, they want their lives to be better/different but the only thing really guiding them turns out to be some vague, half-assed escapist fantasy instead of an extremely detailed and well-articulated vision of how they want their future to look.

They have a dream (oftentimes a lame & blurry one) but it isn’t one that they are really excited about “chasing” or “pursuing” at all.

Much like winning Free Bacon For a Whole Year or a new Aston Martin AM-RB 101 their current “dream” is really just some far-fetched fantasy.

It has them hoping and praying that things will somehow get better as they sit around waiting for something or someone to make it happen for them.

But what they don’t have is what they really need….a vision or dream that FIRES THEM UP!

A dream about how they want their life to look that excites them so much that they are willing to pursue it despite the effort and obstacles to come.

A vision that is so compelling that if they were to bring it to fruition it would give them the kick-ass life that they truly want.

In short, they don’t have that thing that gets them off their ass and into action to make shit happen.

Don’t be that guy.

Don’t trick yourself into believing that you will get what you want out of life just by sitting back and hoping for something “better” to fall out of the sky.

That shit doesn’t cut it.

Getting exactly what you want out of life requires a lot of things and one of the most important is creating a dream that is big enough, exciting enough and oftentimes scary enough to chase.

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