How To Get Strong And Healthy In A Week

How to Get Strong and Healthy in a Week

Feeling down, unenergized, lethargic, weak, and depressed? You’re not alone.

More than 40 million adults (18 & over) in the US suffer from anxiety disorder and depression with suicide rates at their highest in 30-years according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Despite these alarming numbers, and despite advancements in medical technology, the statistics are rising.

With an overworked western medical system that cannot keep up with demand, is there a chance that we walking down the wrong path?

A path which leads to illness and accelerated disease.

Let food be thy medicine

Despite pledging an allegiance to the Hippocratic Oath, it seems that medical professionals in the West do not take the words of the father of medicine — Hippocrates — seriously.

Part of the issue is responsibility.

All too often we approach the doctor with our problems and even the slightest sniff of having to change our habits turns us even whiter than a ghost.

Exercise, meditate, eat natural whole living foods? Come on doc, give me a break, don’t you know how busy I am?

Giving up responsibility

Naturally, the doctor presumes you don’t want to help yourself so s/he gives you the runner-up prize, a pill.

Really, it’s a booby prize because those pills always have undesirable side effects.

Yet we still look up to the doctor with our sad eyes and desperately hope that they will wave their magic wand and save us from our troubles.

Of course, a pill never deals with the cause, it only ever masks the symptoms, often by unnaturally elevating other bodily functions to cover up the mess.

But we don’t care about this.

We want a quick fix.


Naturally faster

What if I told you that you could avoid the long term damage of unnatural pharmaceuticals and regain your health and vitality quicker than Usain Bolt?

Not only will you deal with the cause of your ill health, but you can increase your resistance against disease, boost your metabolism, lose weight, build strength, and enjoy peace and vitality.

And you can do it within 7 days!

Sound good to you?

It certainly sounds good to me.

Here’s how to get strong and healthy in a week.

Earth, Water, Wind, & Fire

The four natural elements are like the four cornerstones of health. Together they create an impenetrable fortress that can withstand any challenge.

Isolated, however, and they do a half assed-job.

Think of it like this — if you have a car and one of the tires is running a little bald, the car will still run — for a while.

Eventually, though, you’ll have a blowout, and when one tire blows, the entire vehicle comes to a standstill!

Your body is much like this.

If you do not take care of all the elements that are required for good health such as fresh air (wind), sunlight (fire), nutrition(earth), and water, then eventually you are going to break down, or worse, crash!

Take back control

Over millions of years, we have evolved into the most dominant species on the planet.

If the lion is king of the jungle, and the shark ruler of the ocean, then we are the masters of the earth.

Thanks to an incredibly adaptable body, and a powerfully large brain, we have managed to not only survive but thrive.

Today, however, we are showing serious signs of decay and decline.

Like unprotected metal that has been left outdoors for too long, we are beginning to rust.

Yes, we are living longer, but this is not because of medicine, as the industry would have us believe.

The truth is, we are living longer because we have far less primal challenges than before.

Primal challenges are in the past

There are few dangerous animals that live in our urban jungles.

Drought and Famine have little effect on the westernized world.

And we are moving around much less.

When we were nomadic hunter/gatherers, we were constantly on the move.

New environments create unknown challenges.

Each new turn brought about uncertainty and potential danger.

Today, however, we live in a relatively safe world.

Because of this, we are living much longer than we could during our more perilous past.

But there’s another reason why we are living longer, and it’s not because we are healthier.

Quantity over quality

Today people are steadily increasing their live spans thanks to medical technology.

If you have cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, drugs might keep you alive for longer but at what price?

150 years go, if you had a stroke or heart attack, it would be quite simple, you would be dead!

These days, people have multiple strokes and diseases and are still around the tell the tale.

My Grandfather has had two strokes, a heart attack, and has cancer.

For his age, he looks well. But if taking pills, being in and out of the hospital, and having little strength, speed, or power, is well, then we are doomed.

Unfortunately, it is considered normal to lose health, strength, and vitality with age.

If you go to certain cultures around the world, however, one’s where they live a more natural active lifestyle, you will not see such a decline in health.

Put a band aid on it

Photo by Ariela Anelli on Unsplash

When traveling through Central and South America I spent time with locals and tribes who were a testament to natural health.

They did not take medication, and at 80-years-old they were still physically able and working all day.

We might be living longer (although this is set to change as our current generation are expected to outlive their children) but the quality of our lives is much lower than it was in the past.

Living longer does not equal a better standard of health!

It was no surprise to me when I headed to North America that the 50+ were in wheelchairs, using medical devices to breathe.

With 3 in 5 Americans taking prescription drugs, it’s no surprise that it is a sick nation that is falling apart from a health perspective.

Pills, potions, walking sticks, dialysis machines, feeding tubes, and care homes are not a sign of better health.

They are a sign that we have been brushing our health problems under the carpet for far too long.

Let Nature Do Her Work

When we stop giving God-like status to the medical industry and start taking responsibility for our health, strength, and vitality, miracles begin to happen.

Take the story of health educator Jesse Bogdanovich from the US.

Jesse suffered an allergic reaction to a live polio vaccination which almost killed him as an infant.

Clinging on for life he was debilitated by seizures, convulsions, and paralysis.

At the time, it was not standard practice to report such reactions and so Jesse was pumped full of immune destroying antibiotics which heightened the symptoms.

Advised to avoid breastfeeding (his Mom breastfed him anyway), and to eat the worst kind of foods, Jesse deteriorated so much that he could not walk unaided.

As with much of Western Medicine, Jesse was offered a band-aid in the form of leg braces.

You can imagine what this did for his confidence at school!

Not knowing what to do, Jesse’s mom Ruza, took the advice of the doctors and began feeding him dairy, unhealthy fats, and deadly processed foods.

Juvenile diabetes and serious digestive problems are what followed.

Enough is enough

After several future prognoses which included death during puberty, Jesse’s courageous mom who have taken him all over the US and Europe to find a solution, eventually became Dr. Ruza, a naturopathic doctor who uses nature’s wisdom to overcome disease.

This was the beginning of a new life for Jesse and his family.

At the forefront of his recovery was nutrition!


Jesse quickly learned that what he ate had a direct impact not only on his current symptoms but now he was seeing improvements in all areas of his life.

He could think clearer, move better, and had developed the kind of power and strength most of us take for granted. — bullet points

In Jesse’s case, he had to regain this strength, and nutrition was the first cornerstone for him.

The four elements

Amazed by the results, Jesse and his family became health warriors.

They started with food but soon realized that nutrition was only part of the health picture.

Jesse learned that like yoga and swimming, deep breathing, meditation, grounding, and sunlight, were nature’s natural remedies. bullets

Now at 40-years-old, Jesse, his mom — Doctor and author — Ruza Bogdanovich, and Jesse’s partner Happy Raw Reny (raw vegan for 10 years), are on a mission to help give your body what it needs to flourish by applying the natural teachings of mother earth.

A retreat that’s a treat

Thanks to spending over 19-years as a raw living foods vegan, Jesse, and Reny, coach, speak and advise thousands of people from around the world.

They even hold a raw food retreat in Croatia for anyone who wants to heal from disease and illness and regain health, strength, and happiness.

I can attest to the powerful teachings of Jesse and Reny as I attended their retreat in 2015.

Although it was a holistic, raw food retreat, I prefer to call it a life-giving treat.

My girlfriend and I spent a week with this magnanimous couple and reaped the benefits of this lifestyle in double quick time thanks to their knowledge, energy, and kindness.

A true test

During the retreat, we had our eyes tested for illness and potential future diseases using a technique known as Iridology in which a close-up photo is taken of the eyes to reveal imbalances and issues.

We were treated to a gorgeous array of fresh fruit, vegetable, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds.

Of course, we didn’t eat these like rabbits, we properly combined them to create incredibly tasty and satisfying gourmet dishes.

Jesse’s knowledge is second to none, and as well as educating us, we also found time to enjoy the sunshine, get grounded, take daily yoga classes, swim, and of course, play.

Since it’s inception, the retreat have evolved, and it now takes place on a cruise ship.

An Offer To Get Healthy And Strong In A Week


Do you enjoy waking up wishing it was still night time?

How does it feel when you have a mid-afternoon energy crash?

Are you a slave to coffee and other stimulants?

Is your natural state one of fatigue and low energy?

Would you like to reverse these conditions, as well as many so-called incurable medical diseases?

If you answered yes to any of these then Jesse and Happy Raw Reny from The Whole Lifestyle are offering you the opportunity to get health and strong in just one week on the world’s only Raw Vegan Cruise.

From 12th -19th August you will have the opportunity to:

  • Make a fresh start
  • Recalibrate your system
  • Take back control of your health
  • Boost your health
  • Work towards fulfilling your potential

By spending a week voyaging along the magnificent coastline of Croatia, Europe, you will have an experience like no other.

After last year’s phenomenal success, Jesse and Reny are once again providing an all-inclusive trip along the mediterranean sea in which you will enjoy:

  • Fresh, local, organic raw vegan food prepared right on board by famous Croatian raw chef Darko Jurić
  • Restore and rejuvenate your body and soul
  • Enjoy daily yoga classes under the guidance of certified yoga teacher and fitness consultations upon request, relaxing massages and swimming in the warm, turquoise water
  • Learn to master how to properly combine ingredients and to make yummy raw vegan food from the real raw vegan pioneer Jesse Bogdanovich (100% happy raw vegan more than 19 years!)
  • Get the most transformational and luxurious vacation ever!

Take a look at these excellent testimonials from last year’s cruise.

Raw Vegan Cruise Croatia 2016

The first wealth is health

If you know someone who is suffering right now, someone who might be in a dark place with nowhere to go, then you might be able to become the catalyst that sparks new life into their world.

In just one week you will physically see and experience a profound transformation like no other. And once you pop, you won’t stop!

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Raw Vegan Pancakes

You are worth it, you loved ones are worth it, and if you really care about this planet then you will want to give yourself the best most rewarding and beneficial treat possible.

And that is a Raw Vegan Retreat exploring the Mediterranean Ocean on a luxury cruise liner surrounded by friends, fun, and great food.

Want to get strong and healthy in a week?

Now’s your chance to really turn things around and start living a disease-free life of happiness, joy, strength, and vitality.

Go on, you deserve it.

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