How to Choose the Right Towing Company?

Drew Graham
Feb 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Vehicle breakdown and road mishaps can happen to anyone at any point in time. Nobody wants to ruin their day and plans by running out of gas, getting a flat tire, breaking a ball joint, or getting into an accident. However, if ever you face any of such unfortunate events, the only way to end your miseries is to call a good towing service and ask them for help. Once your car is hooked onto a towing truck, it is the responsibility of the towing service to ensure that your car is handled properly and you are not exploited with respect to service and costs incurred. Thus, finding a trustworthy and reputed towing service is essential in such situations.

When to Use a Towing Service?

There are several occasions which demand the need of a tow truck for roadside assistance. Without tow truck assistance, chances are high that you would be stranded at the side of the road until a kindred soul comes along and agrees to help you out. It is always better to opt for a professional towing service rather than to wait for an eternity to get help from fellow travelers. A tow truck can come handy in a number of situations, such as,

  • During engine breakdowns,
  • When the vehicle jump starts,
  • Installing a battery,
  • Flat tire,
  • Accidentally getting locked out of the car,
  • Flatbed towing,
  • Moving the car interstate, etc.

Tips to Choose the Right Towing Service

The below-discussed factors will assist you to choose a towing company wisely and receive the best roadside assistance.

1. Customer Service: When you are stranded in the middle of the road, calling a towing service for immediate roadside assistance, it is difficult to deal with a negative and unhelpful attitude of a company. If the executive behaves rudely over the phone or is disinterested to listen to your problem, it can be well expected that their service won’t be a pleasant one, once you hire them. So if you have a bad feeling about the company, do not go ahead with them. Instead, choose a towing service who are easy to work with and has a positive outlook towards their clients.

2. Services Offered: While some towing companies offer a specific kind of service, others include everything under the sun in their package. So, research in advance to know the types of services provided by the company before you ask them for help. For instance, if your car breaks down late at night, you would need a 24*7 roadside service. However, if you are moving interstate with a couple of your cars, you will need to contact an interstate towing service.

3. Towing and Roadside Assistance Cost: While all services in the world come at a cost, no one wants to overpay for an amenity. So, it is important to know the cost the towing company will be charging you before you hire them. While you consider the cost of the towing service, pay attention to both the price per mile and the hook-up fee the establishment will be quoting.

While the hook-up fee includes the cost of attaching the vehicle to the towing truck, price per mile depends on where you want the vehicle to get dropped at after being towed. Apart from these, many towing services have additional charges for holidays, off-road towing, interstate towing, and many more. Carry out comparisons with other towing services in your area before making a decision.

4. Reliability and Availability of Tow Trucks: Troubles like flat tire or accidents can take place anywhere and at any point in time. Thus, it is wise to choose a towing company who can provide roadside assistance 24*7 all year round. It is of no help if the towing company you have hired gets back to you or responds at its own time, regardless of the situation you are in. Such companies are neither reliable nor worth investing in. Thus, always hire a company which is constantly available to provide service.

5. Reputation in the Market: Research before you invest in a towing company. Talk to your family, colleagues, friends, and neighbors to get an unbiased and neutral opinion about the service you are considering to hire for future assistance. You can also look for reviews on sites like Google, Yellowpages, Angieslist, etc. Always remember that a positive and clean track record matters more than the time the service has been in the market. Although experience is definitely a plus, it always does not guarantee a good service from the company.

6. Availability of Valid Insurance and License: It is essential to choose a towing company which has all its ducks in a row. Ensure that the towing company and all its towing trucks are insured and have all the necessary state certifications required to run the establishment legally. Apart from that, also remember to check if the tow trucks have the company logo emblazoned on the chassis when it arrives for helping you out.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned factors will assist you to choose a towing company wisely. However, it is better to choose the company in advance rather than waiting for the trouble to take place. It is difficult to focus and choose the right company in a stressful environment. At that point of time, you will be neither emotionally nor physically capable of making the right decision. So, instead of waiting for the emergency to come to you, do your research beforehand and be prepared with the towing company’s number.

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