Addicted to mobile or a communication paradigm shift?

The Holidays are over and my kids are returning to school today. We celebrated and had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. I hope you had a Happy New Year and if you celebrated Christmas or and other holiday this past month that it was nice as well.

I spent a good amount of time observing my children’s habits over the holiday break and I would have to be living under a rock not to notice the extraordinary amount of time they spent on the mobile devices. I don’t think our home phone (land-line) rung but a few times. In all, those calls were primarily from services or call backs from our outbound calls. I don’t think my kids called or were called once on any their devices. (Not sure if I should be worried about their social graces, but something tells me that talking on the phone has become ‘old-school’).

I remember a time when we spent time arguing who would get the phone next and ‘call-waiting’ etc. I literally uttered the words “I don’t answer that phone” to my wife in response to her question if a call came through. Does anyone really have a land-line anymore?

Back to my observations of my kids. Their entire line of communication with their friends has morphed into texting and app utilization only. I actually asked each of my kids how many calls they made in the past 10 days and their combined total of calls was exactly…..1. (One). Its amazing.

As such, in so much that my kids want to continue using mobile for communication, I think it should be part of their curriculum to understand and participate in app development. Its a skill and a language set that all kids should be learning and leveraging and why I decided to start teaching them how to develop mobile apps. Makes sense yes? Its where their attention is most of the time and I suspect, if my kids’ attention are on these devices, then the majority of other people are too.

Stay tuned as I’ll be publishing an app development course soon.

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