Life With Phillip
Monica Moreno

Monica, what an absolutely WONDERFUL article on Philip. We, as parents of Bonnie well know how our Down Syndrome children have changed our lives. Yes, it was devastating when we learned of her extra chromosome about two days after her birth, but Bonnie has changed the lives of Kay and me, as well has her two older brothers. She has lived at the Glennwood House in Laguna Beach for 3–1/2 years now, and loves it. She enjoys coming home on weekends, and especially on those occasions when her brothers are home, one with a family. Unfortunately, one lives in Phoenix and the other in Santa Rosa, so neither she or we see them often enough. Years and years ago, when Bonnie was very small, we were attending the annual carnival which was set up across the street from Ted’s, where the fitness club is located now. She ran up to one of the “carni-guys” and gave him a huge HUG. I felt as though she should have a shower even before we got into the car, but she did not see anything different about him, other than he needed a hug ! ! !

Thanks again for a great article. Please give Phil, along with your mom and dad a hug from us.

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