Constructing components & drafting documentation is easy. Cultivating buy-in & navigating organizational dynamics is hard.

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One of the most challenging aspects of managing a design system regardless of maturity is not crafting pixel-perfect components. It’s not testing interaction patterns or refining microcopy. And it’s certainly not selecting design tokens. It’s perpetuating sustained adoption & buy-in over time.

Here are a few key lessons learned through…

As designers, it’s easy to rely on what we’ve learned in the past and stick to what’s familiar: the Adobe Creative Suite, our usual workflow, old habits. But in an ever-changing creative landscape, it’s imperative to be constantly on the lookout for growth and development opportunities.

A few years ago…

Drew Burdick

Experience design leader at @SlalomCLT. Always game to talk about coffee, food, travel, & design systems.

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