DIY Craniectomies

Drew Hinkes
Aug 19, 2016 · 3 min read

Craniectomy is considered among the most complex and riskiest of surgeries routinely conducted.

Many people see the promise in brain surgery. Brain surgeons make a great living and help people avoid pain and suffering. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the regulation of brain surgery, however. In this post we will try and lay some groundwork for understanding what type of craniectomy is necessary for various types of tumors and/or structural abnormalities, and based on my analysis, you can decide what part of your brain to cut open yourself or with friends to assist.

Having watched many brain surgeries both live and online, I have gained a unique perspective on the complications of open skull surgery. The brain controls all functions of the body, and the process of removing a part of the skull leaves the brain less protected. Complications may lead to permanent changes or loss in certain body functions like vision or speech loss, paralysis or loss of memory. So there’s lots of risk. But with my experience, I’m going to show you and the entire community who wants to get into this lucrative field how to do your own craneictomy at home, so we can all avoid pesky doctors, and not cost our medical system any undue stress or financial strain, and maybe even profit from the new emerging field of home brain surgery.


First a disclaimer: I am not a doctor, am not licensed to conduct brain surgery, and this is not a substitute for medical advice. This is intended as a guide to show you what might be the right approach for your particular brain surgery, and how to avoid common pitfalls, like death, or losing consciousness with a bonesaw contacting your own cranium. If you are considering brain surgery, you should always consult a doctor. Brain surgery is far from simple, and it is hard to undo brain surgery, especially once you’ve done it upon your own brain.

…would you really keep reading?

Would you even consider, for a moment, taking seriously any advice about cutting your own head open from anyone but a trained and licensed surgeon? Wouldn’t you think that relying on the surgeon to do the surgery is a bit smarter than a DIY, especially given the stakes? Aren’t the stakes high enough to get real information from a trained, licensed, experienced practitioner?

As a lawyer, the recent profusion of legal opinions regarding whether any type of alt-coin or pre-sale of a coin is a security, caveated with an “I’m not a lawyer but….” disclaimer is very very troubling.

Securities law is complex and nuanced and considered a specialty area among lawyers. The federal securities regulations are a web of rules and regulations of 55 different regulatory agencies, including state specific securities regulators, the Federal SEC, NASD and still other regulators. Anyone offering something that maybe-looks-like-a-security-kinda-if-you-squint and defends their conduct with a claim of reliance on a non-lawyer’s armchair securities analysis from Twitter may be in for a surprise when the regulators say hello.

Are you planning to issue a token, coin or other type of product? Are you concerned that it might, or might not be a security? Don’t rely on Twitter or Google- call or visit with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction and spend the time and money to get it right.

Leave it to the pros. Seriously.

The community is sophisticated, and full of great minds. The innovation and experimentation being conducted should be encouraged. But, when it comes to interactions with people’s money and the financial markets, if you don’t ask for permission, its not realistic to expect to be granted forgiveness. Getting it wrong can mean your liberty and your money.

You wouldn’t cut open your own skull based on a random blogger’s advice- why risk your business? Its not quite your brain, but it’s close.

Drew Hinkes

Written by

General Counsel/Co-Founder @ Athena Blockchain, #Bitcoin #blockchain #SmartContracts #Floridian #privacy @propelforward

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