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There are currently few things more needed than escapist entertainment — a vacation from the couch. Take us away to somewhere sunny, seaside… and swarming with crabs? Realm of the Robber, a gorgeously shot journey to a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, is perfect for all you cooped-up adventurers tired of watching “The Office” reruns.

Realm of the Robber explores the fascinating variety of native creatures sprawled across the preciously named Christmas Island, so-called for the sea captain William Mynors day of discovery. And, no, the “robber” of the title isn’t likely to stick up a bank. The enormous coconut crab is more prone to scuttling through the tropical landscape in search of its favorite food. …

By Drew Novak

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All About Nina

Writer and director Eva Vives’ grimly humorous feature-length debut, All About Nina, explores the irony in how some of the funniest people use comedy as deflection from a traumatic past. Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s take on a 30-something comedian trying to make it big carries the film despite some niggling technical shortcomings.

Nina Geld (Winstead) performs in New York clubs with an acerbic style similar to Sarah Silverman or Amy Schumer that audiences should be well acquainted with by now. …

Drew Novak

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