Edit: To hopefully clear up any issues. I’m a teacher. It really hurts to see my peers put down others instead of helping them. Let’s collaborate instead of rolling our eyes at people who don’t have the knowledge.

Why we can’t have nice things

This industry has a problem. There are people trying hard to fix it, but louder and more destructive voices are the ones winning.

This weekend, while celebrating and sharing a friends new project with the community (a project meant to help others) I came across this: https://www.reddit.com/r/advanced_webdev/.

An excerpt from what kind of posts are acceptable:

Non-beginner questions.

An excerpt from what kind of posts are not acceptable:

Questions on how to get started learning web development or breaking into the industry.

This! This is why!

Shit like this. People who were beginners are some point and asked questions, now cutting out beginners who ask questions. This is why beginners can get turned off from this industry.

Edit: listen, I get it, they are rules. But with a negative connotation. Also, yes, Advanced Web Dev. However, would you take a dictionary away from a child learning to read because “it’s too advanced”?

Coding is hard. It takes a lot of work but anyone can do it. Having experienced developers create social barriers for beginners makes our industry not innovative, but look like a nightclub full of elite, out of touch assholes.

You, if you’re a jerk.

This is where we’re failing. In my experience, telling someone that what they’re learning is ‘stupid’, or ‘useless’ is the worst thing you could say to anyone, ever. They’re learning, that’s awesome.

Who cares if someone isn’t using flexbox or functional programming. Illustrator instead of Sketch. jQuery instead of React. They’re creating something that makes them happy.

Instead of taking the time to scoff at their choices or going, “you don’t use X yet?”, celebrate that they are creating. You were there once.

Ok, now this is important

The reason someone is asking you a question is because they respect your opinion. Your opinion, because you have the answers. Not because they’re trying to slow you down or make your life tough. THEY RESPECT YOU.

It’s time we start respecting each other. Let’s stop drawing lines in the sand and shaming each other for not knowing something.

Quit trying to puff out your chest in front of each other. It’s not making you better than someone, it’s making you difficult to work with. We’re here to make rad shit, not deal with each others insecurities.

I’ll take a room full of dreamers over wet blankets any day.