Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

I wrote a very similar post to this one on why she is a Skywalker and not a Solo or Kenobi. One of my main points against the fact that she is a grand child of Ben Kenobi is because, Ben would have lied to Yoda in ESB. Remember the scene right before Luke left to go and “save” Han, Leia, Chewie, C-3PO, and R2-D2, well if you don’t allow me to explain. Ben Kenobi himself says, “That boy is our LAST hope.” Yoda responds with the famous line, “No,There is another.” Now it’s obvious that this is Leia, Ask any screenwriter or director of the movie and they will confirm this. Why is this important, If Ben had a kid, We just screwed the whole purpose of the Empire Strikes back as well as The Return of the Jedi. If Ben had a kid then there was another chance. There was a third or fourth chance because who knows how many kids he had if that was true. Yoda, The man who didn’t feel great about either one of the Skywalkers and is a Grand Jedi Master, is also blind to the fact that there is another hope.

Quick other point, Obi-Wan strongly disagreed with Anakin marrying and having kids with Padme. Why would he do it himself? As a Jedi Master on the Jedi Council.

Anyways, That’s all I have to say. I take ESB very seriously to the fact that Luke and Leia are the final jedi’s on the planet. If this were not true then that whole scene can go into the trash.

Anyways, Thanks! If you want my post about why I believe Rey is a Skywalker then I would love to post it with the permission of the man who posted this.

P.S, I found it funny you went to watch it with your little brother. My brother and I did the exact same thing! We shall see in Episode 8!

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