I prefer out in the open: Can’t Respond to a comment on LinkedIn

Dang! trying to post a comment on LinkedIn and it won’t post! I hit the Comment button, but it doesn’t post!

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I was involuntarily committed in Sept 2010. I sent a paper letter (essentially it was a print out of http://surroundedbyspies1.tumblr.com ) many years ago before you had a LinkedIn or a contact us form on your website. I also sent a letter to a PA health agency in 2011 complaining about my hellish treatment in Fairmount and two days later Jared Lee Loughner shot some people. I would prefer for this negotiation/discussion to be out in the open for leverage purposes. I did not receive any response from my paper letter. I was informed by my insurance company you received 20K+ for my time being in Fairmount. I am asking for a formal written apology and monetary compensation for my time where I was not allowed access to the internet, among other things. I am also asking that you allow patients to use their smartphones while in your hospital. I feel that I would not have been held against my will for 20 days if I was allowed to use my own lawyer, as required as part of PA law. I think about it every day. Those 20 days were the worst days of my life thanks to Fairmount Behavioral Health’s evilness and ineptitude.

Representative from Fairmount: Since we can’t continue this conversation on LinkedIn, please open up a Twitter account so we can discuss this topic.

My twitter account is https://twitter.com/andytriboletti

The post I was trying to comment on:


This worked for my first comment.

Update 9/15/2016: As suggested by a LinkedIn rep, I split the comment up into two comments. It is now posted fine.


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