Lainey Diamond / @sandwichpolice

I am a hopeful person and believe in miracles. Twice I witnessed words change on paper. Years ago, I wanted so badly some concrete evidence Lainey Diamond/Lainey Diemond/@hellnope/@sandwichpolice on Twitter/Tumblr was connected to the FAO of the UN in some way due to suspicious things she said via flirtatious subtweeting and the fact that I was involuntarily committed to a hospital after declining an initial interview with the UN. I fell in love with her via tweeting/subtweeting/direct messages. She followed me and was like a twitter celeb with so many online friends she interacted with! And then I found some proof via Rapportive a day before my interview at the FAO!! One of the happiest moments of my life.

Note Lainey Diamond has deleted her public tweets, now tweets at a private account where I am not following, and has stopped posting on Tumblr.