Medicating a Prophet article feedback

I sent the author of this article some some feedback:

I really am glad you wrote the article in the NY Times “Medicating a Prophet”. In 2010, I tweeted about some things, and some related things did happen. I was then involuntarily committed and forcibly medicated.

One example is I tweeted that I vowed I would never fly US Air again and that no one else should either. Then a few hours later the “Miracle on the Hudson” with US Air pilot Sully happened. I have a screenshot of this tweet located here:

I also hear inserted thoughts and would love to tell you more. I don’t believe I am hearing thoughts from God. I think it’s very strange because I hear as inserted thoughts words that I don’t know the meaning to and have to Google.

Have you heard of Elon Musk’s theory that perhaps we’re living in a simulation and that there could be multiple levels of simulations? I am a Quaker. I am a member of Intervoice.

Kind regards,

Andy Triboletti

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