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Jun 16, 2016 · 4 min read

This story is about being spied on by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations prior to my interview with them as a software developer, and finding that out using the Gmail Rapportive tool. Prior to this I was involuntarily committed for 20 days after committing no crime.

My mail to Rapportive asking for more info. They then respond & stop using Rapleaf immediately.

Andy Triboletti <>Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Hi, I was twittering with someone from rapportive today. I noticed 2
weird things on rapportive that I’d like more info about including how
the location was set and the dates, for these users if possible. I
attached 2 screenshots.

1) I was Moneygramming money to Vietnam to pay a contractor for Java
web development I found through (but was paying directly
upon his suggestion) — I installed rapportive and saw this user was
from Max, Minnesota and also his avatar was of Osama Bin Laden! I did
report this to the FBI in person, by calling, and also on the online
tips system twice. Not sure if it’s related but I was involuntary
committed to a mental hospital in Philadelphia a few days after this
on 9/29 with no internet access for 20 days. I was physically dragged
and put in restraints because I wouldn’t agree to be committed. I
thought I was sane and didn’t want to be there for the whole 20 days.

2) A user that has blocked me on twitter because I stopped following
her after she asked for $10 to buy some food has their location set as
‘East Coast Statistical Area, Chatham Islands’. It’s not there
anymore, but I have a screenshot. This user blocked me a couple weeks
before I was committed, and I had an interview with the FAO
organization today for a job. A former coworker asked me if I wanted
to join her in working for the FAO in Italy on 6/21, the same day this
user started following me. I wasn’t interested initially, but after I
got out of the hospital I sent her my resume. If you search that
location it looks like it is a FAO site. Unrelated, but I did send her
a donation of $10 after I got out of the hospital.

Ok, thanks, I am curious and you have alot of data I guess. Your
software is very surprising — I wish I had it installed from the very
beginning and maybe I could have avoided this injustice.


Conrad Irwin <>Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 5:40 PM


To: Andy Triboletti <>

Hey Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch,

The photo of the first account came directly from Hi5 — though I
notice that that user account has been suspended
( I imagine it was
someone having a joke — it’s so hard to tell on the internet…

The location on the second profile came via Rapleaf
(, and unfortunately they don’t tell us where they
got that information from (we’ve since stopped using them as a source,
which is why the location disappeared from @SandwichPolice yesterday).

Due to the automatic way we collect information we can’t guarantee
that it’s accurate, though we do try hard — I’d recommend trying to
verify information you see on Rapportive, particularly if it has
important real-world consequences.

Please let me know if you need anything else,

[Quoted text hidden]

Link to PDF:

Here’s a screenshot of my sending a message to @rapportive on twitter in 2011.

If you search for “East Coast Statistical Islands, Chatham Islands” in Google you will see a result containing the FAO.

I have done this search today 6/19/2016 and saved this full screen image:

You can also see this is consistent with what I noticed in 2011 in the below blog post.

You may be interested in this post with more information:

Please send any questions to

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