Pushy Intel App Up promoter guy

Remember Intel AppUp? Probably not. It’s not around anymore. I once had one man trying desperately to get me to develop for the Intel app store. It was mostly phone calls and I don’t have a recording. But I remember some of the calls being intimidating.

This was just a few months after I was released from Fairmount in December 2010, so I was suspicious. For instance the man calling me was trying to get me to download this Intel developer program that did something, I forget what it did even. I didn’t have a working PC at the time, so he was like just install it on a friend’s computer or something. I was like no. I’m pretty sure he mentioned the word ‘warez’. I don’t remember the context. I think he just said it then was silent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warez

Eventually after enough of these calls I told them I’m not interested in developing for Intel anymore please don’t contact me.

I’m glad they shut down Intel App Up.

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