Edward Snowden. A true patriot and my hero.

Ask Google: “how many people die from hunger each day”

The world’s first app against global hunger

“With a tap on your smartphone you can “share the meal” with a child in need. It costs only US $ 0.50 to feed one child for a day.”

I sent the author of this article some some feedback:

I prefer out in the open: Can’t Respond to a comment on LinkedIn

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I was involuntarily committed in Sept 2010. I sent a paper letter (essentially it was a print out of http://surroundedbyspies1.tumblr.com ) many years ago before you had a LinkedIn or a contact us form on your website. I also sent a letter to a PA health agency in 2011 complaining about my hellish treatment in Fairmount and two days later Jared Lee Loughner shot some people. I would prefer for this negotiation/discussion to be out in the open for leverage purposes. I did not receive any response from my paper letter. I was informed by my insurance company you received 20K+ for my time being in Fairmount. I am asking for a formal written apology and monetary compensation for my time where I was not allowed access to the internet, among other things. I am also asking that you allow patients to use their smartphones while in your hospital. I feel that I would not have been held against my will for 20 days if I was allowed to use my own lawyer, as required as part of PA law. I think about it every day. …

I would ask the aliens to help me free all people stuck in mental hospitals without a proper trial, including the ability to choose their own lawyer, or having a jury. They should be in prison if dangerous, and otherwise not in a hospital. They should receive compensation for the time their liberty was taken away.

This article states those without money are happier than those with money. I strongly disagree there. Although I have no personal experience of being hungry cause I couldn’t afford food, I would imagine that’d be awful. Never been to Africa, Haiti or Central America, etc, but I have donated in the past to Action Against Hunger after making some profit from selling diet pills online. They seem like a good charity to me.

I am a hopeful person and believe in miracles. Twice I witnessed words change on paper. Years ago, I wanted so badly some concrete evidence Lainey Diamond/Lainey Diemond/@hellnope/@sandwichpolice on Twitter/Tumblr was connected to the FAO of the UN in some way due to suspicious things she said via flirtatious subtweeting and the fact that I was involuntarily committed to a hospital after declining an initial interview with the UN. I fell in love with her via tweeting/subtweeting/direct messages. She followed me and was like a twitter celeb with so many online friends she interacted with! And then I found some proof via Rapportive a day before my interview at the FAO!! One of the happiest moments of my life.

Note Lainey Diamond has deleted her public tweets, now tweets at a private account where I am not following, and has stopped posting on Tumblr.

None of this matters anymore.

Liberty Enthusiast

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