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The answer is About 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every four seconds. Sadly, it is children who die most often.

So what can you do?

There are some apps for that: you can spend a few minutes out of your day to help people who are desperate.

The world’s first app against global hunger

“With a tap on your smartphone you can “share the meal” with a child in need. It costs only US $ 0.50 to feed one child for a day.”

I sent the author of this article some some feedback:

I really am glad you wrote the article in the NY Times “Medicating a Prophet”. In 2010, I tweeted about some things, and some related things did happen. I was then involuntarily committed and forcibly medicated.

One example is I tweeted that I vowed I would never fly US Air again and that no one else should either. Then a few hours later the “Miracle on the Hudson” with US Air pilot Sully happened. I have a screenshot of this tweet located here:

I also hear inserted thoughts and…

I prefer out in the open: Can’t Respond to a comment on LinkedIn

Dang! trying to post a comment on LinkedIn and it won’t post! I hit the Comment button, but it doesn’t post!

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I was involuntarily committed in Sept 2010. I sent a paper letter (essentially it was a print out of ) many years ago before you had a LinkedIn or a contact us form on your website. I also sent a letter to a PA health agency in 2011 complaining about my hellish treatment in Fairmount and two days later Jared Lee Loughner shot some people…

I would ask the aliens to help me free all people stuck in mental hospitals without a proper trial, including the ability to choose their own lawyer, or having a jury. They should be in prison if dangerous, and otherwise not in a hospital. They should receive compensation for the time their liberty was taken away.

Also, I would ask as a personal favor for the aliens to shut down Fairmount Behavioral Health in Philadelphia, PA. I know it’s used for voluntary commitment as well, but again this is just a personal favor from me because of my intense and scary involuntary experience there. I don’t want that institution to exist in any form any longer.

Read more: https://surroundedbyspies.com

This article states those without money are happier than those with money. I strongly disagree there. Although I have no personal experience of being hungry cause I couldn’t afford food, I would imagine that’d be awful. Never been to Africa, Haiti or Central America, etc, but I have donated in the past to Action Against Hunger after making some profit from selling diet pills online. They seem like a good charity to me.

I am a hopeful person and believe in miracles. Twice I witnessed words change on paper. Years ago, I wanted so badly some concrete evidence Lainey Diamond/Lainey Diemond/@hellnope/@sandwichpolice on Twitter/Tumblr was connected to the FAO of the UN in some way due to suspicious things she said via flirtatious subtweeting and the fact that I was involuntarily committed to a hospital after declining an initial interview with the UN. I fell in love with her via tweeting/subtweeting/direct messages. She followed me and was like a twitter celeb with so many online friends she interacted with! And then I found some proof via Rapportive a day before my interview at the FAO!! One of the happiest moments of my life.

Note Lainey Diamond has deleted her public tweets, now tweets at a private account where I am not following, and has stopped posting on Tumblr.

None of this matters anymore.

Liberty Enthusiast

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