SF Deltas CEO Challenge to Fans
Brian Andrés Helmick

Brian- I really appreciate what you and the organization have done to bring the Deltas to SF and create a fun fan experience, while also being genuinely respectful of the neighborhood. I’ve spoken with a number of people in the Inner Sunset about the Deltas, and the response has been almost universally positive, even among those who were initially skeptical. Time will tell whether the SF market is too congested (it surely doesn’t help that you can get Giants tickets for next to nothing this season), NASL too bizarre (what league boasts teams from both Puerto Rico and Edmonton?) but if the Deltas don’t survive it will not have been for lack of effort.

I must agree with some of the others, though, in that price is an issue. I’m a huge soccer fan and live half a block from Kezar stadium — your ideal candidate for being a regular attendee. I went to 3 games during the spring season, and my wife and 4 year old daughter joined me for 2 of them, along with other friends and neighbors. In each case, we bought the $19-$20 tickets. As an adult, I have no problem paying $20 for a ticket, but it’s much harder to justify for a 4-year old who may only make it through halftime. Quite simply, I think there needs to be a different pricing model for kids; otherwise families are unlikely to return. On the other hand, I have no issue with the pricing for the concessions, which seemed quite reasonable to me.

There’s no easy solution to the cold, although the switch to a 5p kick-off might help. I’m no stranger to the frigid, windy nights at Kezar, but I get why some people might be deterred. Years ago, I went to a California Victory game in mid-summer when you could barely see the other side of the pitch because of the fog billowing through. This isn’t going to make or break the franchise, but why not embrace the conditions and make it part of the Deltas brand? Give out free Deltas fleece blankets to the first X number of fans. Build fire pits on the upper terrace (okay, Rec & Park would probably nix that one). But you get the picture. Maybe there’s a way to turn a liability into a novelty. Think “Croix de Candlestick.”

Best of luck in the second half of the season. I’ll for sure be out there the SF Edmonton game with a groups of my former soccer mates, one of which is a massive Newcastle fan who has made it his life’s work to see all 3 Ameobi brothers play!

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