This is precisely correct.
Kady M.

I basically understand your point.

My point about Trump’s tweets aren’t about the time it takes. I’m talking about the content. Things like contradicting Tillerson and McMaster, attacking private citizens (Mika Brzezinski, Arnold Schwarzenegger), and saying this is “modern day presidential.” These kind of tweets are damaging to his agenda because:

  1. Contradicting your own staff at best undermines their authority (since no one will believe them and just wait for you to speak) and at worst suggests you haven’t actually discussed what to say, or you can’t stick to the agreed on talking points. I used to work for a guy who did the latter and it is very damaging to an organization. So if the agenda is not moving forward, it is at least partly because people are spending time trying to figure out what he wants done because he’s deceiving or switching on them.
  2. Saying things that gratuitously offend others, for the sake of pleasing your base, hurts the agenda because the GOP doesn’t have enough votes to spare to go it alone on every issue, but Democrats can’t come on board with this kind of behavior. It’s disgusting. I know I can’t prove to you, or likely convince you at all, of this, but to me it’s very clear he has an impulse control problem, a need to say what he thinks in every moment, no matter who it hurts or how much it undermines his larger goals. So Democrats like me, who were originally in the “let’s see if we can get some infrastructure spending with this guy” have now shifted to “I’ll take President Mike Pence and extra-conservative policies, thanks.” So when Dems talk about stonewalling him — -something I was originally against — I’m now for it. It’s not just the tweets — the travel ban and other things were big as well. But the tweets provide the context.

From what you wrote it seems you think his tweeting is strategic and well thought out. I can’t think of evidence, given what we’ve already seen so far, that can prove it one way or the other. But even if it is strategic, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be smarter to just act like a normal person and work on getting the base the policies they want.

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