Oppo research doesn’t break any laws.
Trick Turner

Yes, I agree we’re in political theater mode, not legal technicality mode — more Perry Mason than Law & Order. Personally I wish this would all go away. I’m against Trump on the issues and I’d like to see that hashed out. For example, if Dems win in 2018 as a “referendum on Trump” and then impeach the only “mandate” they’ll have is that people find him unfit. Then what?

But, I have to say that I’m increasingly just wanting him gone because he is so nuts. You say “I wish more people could remember the way they felt about Comey prior to Trump firing him” — Trump himself is the primary agent of that forgetting! Rod Rosenstein wrote a memo reminding us of Comey’s sins, and Trump went out of his way to contradict him. So Rosenstein appoints Mueller, and then the table is set for Comey to testify about obstruction. All of it was totally avoidable. Lester Holt asks you if you were the one who decided on Comey, and you say “I was leaning that way, on emotion, like the American people. I thought he had handled things terribly. But I’m new and wanted to get a thorough assessment of what he did from experts. So Rod did an analysis. It showed what I already knew in my gut, so I got rid of him.” I’d be shocked (and appalled, actually) if his team hadn’t already prepared a (smarter) version of that answer. And he either didn’t bother to study it or just “winged it.”

A lot of this is b.s. media stuff, but “winging it” is a terrible strategy for a President, and it will hurt us on something real very soon if it hasn’t already.

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