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You’re talking about leadership — a player’s ability to not only influence the score but to influence his teammates attitude about the score and their abilities.

An example (understandably ignored in this column), LeBron vs. Boston in ’10 playoffs compared with LeBron vs. Boston ’12 playoffs. In ’10 he was criticized for letting his team down in part because he didn’t hog the ball more when his team was on the ropes. He repeated this error even more dramatically in Game 6 of the Finals in ’11. But in ’12 he learned his lesson. Facing elimination in Game 6 in Boston he scored, as I remember it, the first 25 points of the game? Something like that. Of course he wasn’t going to score 100, but his purpose wasn’t the points themselves, but the ability to prove to his teammates that they were invincible that night. Did anyone doubt they would win the championship after that 1st quarter?

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