Travel by Giving

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People do all sorts of things to raise money for charity. Just a few examples…

And, of course, unless you’ve been on another planet for the past month, you know thousands and thousands of people will dump buckets of ice water on their heads for#ALSIceBucketChallenge.

Why not provide hospitality?

If you’ve ever hosted friends, family, you know it’s not socially acceptable to accept money from your friends when they stay at your house. But the concept of a house gift — beers, a fifth, a bottle of wine, a meal, or even appetizers and h’orderves — is part of the social contract that goes along with staying at someone’s home.

Replace the traditional “house gift”, with a donation to charity. Let’s face it. While we all appreciate a bottle of wine or a fifth, we are not the ones in need of the $15 or $20 it would cost to buy those for ourselves. The 2.8 billion who live on less than $2 a day are.

Travel by giving.

Interested in providing accommodation to those with a shared affinity to raise money for charity? We’d love to speak with you… @drewmeyers or @gethorizonapp (or drew at horizonapp dot co).

[Originally published on Horizon]

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