Why Is There No New Couchsurfing? Actually, There Is!

Hospitality exchange (also known as home sharing) accounts for 40% — or more — of all stays worldwide. (AirBnB has quoted 40% and Expedia 27%). Virtually everyone in the world has “Couchsurfed” with someone they know (friend, friend of a friend, uncle, cousin, college classmate, RPCV, grandma, etc). Particularly if you include road trips to your best friends’ house across the state and Christmas at your grandparents, I’ll venture toguess the percentage is closer to 50% of all trips worldwide. That equates to more than 2 billion home stays, without breaking a sweat.

The barrier to facilitating more home stays is a majority of people don’t know / trust people in every city they dream of visiting. That’s where “communities” like Couchsurfing — and now Horizon— come into play. There’s a need to vastly expand the number of accessible global connections to potentially stay with. Horizon’s mission is to facilitate hospitality exchange within your trusted communities.

You may have seen the DailyDot article, “Why Hasn’t There Been a New Couchsurfing?

There is. It’s here. It’s called Horizon, and there are thousands of locals signed up already.

Horizon facilitates home sharing among friends, friends of friends, and communities (such as CMX, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, University of Washington, 420 (sponsored by Wikileaf), Start-Up Chile, Burning Man, etc).

Who has stayed with a host on Horizon already you ask?

Bryan Copley from Citybldr

Travelers and locals who have expanded their horizon by experiencing the power of community based home sharing include Bryan staying with Melissa (both real estate tech founders), Ali staying with Tobias (both Start-Up Chile alumni), and Pocket staying with Stanford Rosenthal (both Product Hunters).

Who is on your Horizon?

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We believe in giving back, and advocate that travelers make a donation to charity to supplement or replace whatever house gift they would have otherwise purchased.

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