Reasonable Doubt

Whitley Strieber at an exhibition opening at the Annenberg Space for Photography in 2016. Photo: David Livingston/Getty

Whitley Strieber was supposed to be the next Stephen King, a pop-horror writer whose golden pen produced books begging for big-screen adaptations. His first novel, the 1978 werewolf-realism procedural Wolfen, was turned into a movie by the filmmaker behind Woodstock. In 1983, his sex-vampire thriller The Hunger was adapted into…

All photos: Monique Jaques

In late November, hotel conglomerate Marriott International disclosed that the personal information of some 500 million customers — including home addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers — had been exposed as part of a data breach affecting its Starwood Hotels and Resorts network. One day earlier, the venerable breakfast…

Illustration: Ricky Linn

Long Valley, New Jersey

Medium: Is there one particular political issue that you’re especially passionate about?

Olivia Ferrucci: I’m the most frustrated by and the most passionate about gun control. As a high school student in America, I’m constantly in an environment where I’m statistically prone to experience gun violence. And there isn’t much being done on the legislative side to change…

Illustration: Ricky Linn

Polk County, NC

Medium: Is there one political issue that you’re passionate about?

Ailey Morlino: I would say my top issue would be the environment, because it’s very pressing, and if we don’t focus on that, then what’s the point of focusing on anything else?

Are there any politicians who you feel are really passionate about the environment and are keeping it from going to heck?

Definitely, Elizabeth Warren is an eco-warrior. I love everything she says about what we can…

Illustration: Claire Merchlinsky

Los Angeles, California

Medium: Is there one political issue that you’re especially passionate about?

Jonathan Lovett: I could name 50, but I if I had to choose one, I would say climate change, because it affects the entire world and the entire planet. …

Illustration: Ricky Linn

Oakland, California

Medium: What issue will you vote on this fall?

Somiah Nettles: Americans forget too easily. The society we live in today relies too much on hashtags to do the job for us. A young black man gets killed, becomes a hashtag, and gets talked about for two weeks, then basically gets forgotten about. We’re too worried about…

Illustration: Shannon Wright

Greenville, TN

Medium: You’re an intern with a sustainable farming group called Rural Resources. What’s that about?

Cheyenne Floyd: I’ve been with them since I was in eighth grade. I’ve learned how to deal with animals and how to take care of them, and how to grow different things in a garden that I never knew could go into a garden. …

Illustration: Ricky Linn

Berkeley, California

Medium: Have you lived in the Bay Area all your life?

Simone Ewell-Szabo: My dad’s been in the Bay all my life. My parents broke up when I was little, and my mom used to live up in Grenville and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but now they’re both in the Bay Area.

It’s definitely a bubble, but it’s…

Illustration: Mallory Heyer

Paris, France

Medium: Is there one particular political issue that you’re passionate about?

Sofia Sears: Democracy is not a spectator sport, but much of the current Republican Party’s agenda seems intended to exclude the majority from playing. Accessibility to voting is perhaps the most essential bedrock of a functioning democracy — like President Obama said in his farewell address, we must…

Illustration: Ricky Linn

New York, New York

Medium: Is there one particular political issue that’s most important to you?

Zayira Ray: Gun control. With every mass shooting and with every lost life, I’m increasingly numb to the atrocities of gun violence in America. That in itself—the near normalization of mass shootings—is terrifying. To think our government unapologetically turns a blind eye to the loss of…

Drew Millard

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