Break. Every. Chain.

We have to break every chain.

Chains are meant to be broken and strongholds are meant to be loosed. We are meant to go forward God did not create us to be held back. God has placed a purpose in each one of our hearts and minds to discover and give to the world. It is our job to seek Him to find it. What holds us back from truly being who God called us to be are chains. Your chains limit your chasing, God wants you free from strongholds. If you are not free God can not use you effectively as He wants to.

In every single one of our lives through past circumstances and choices we’ve created chains. Chains of insecurities, chains, of lust, chains of bad habits, chains of unproductivity. Any and every chain that has a hold on our lives. Chains hold things down, we should only be held down by the weight of Glory. The weight of Glory is the only thing that should us down. Chains in our lives are meant to be broken, broken chains equal severed relationships. We have to break soul ties today. Whatever you feel is holding you back from being where God wants you to be you need to break it.

We can’t be chained to people and chase after God. You or somebody you know is being held down by things. Whether it’s a person or a spirit it is hindering your progression in life, it is causing some to lose focus, you have not been yourself lately, something is off, a chain needs to be broken.

In my own life I’ve had to break strongholds of lust and temptation , just to name a few. I needed to be freed from these things because they weren’t allowing me to move forward with my life. It was causing me to stumble in past sins and mindsets and they had to be broken.

In your time of prayer this week I want you to tap into your spirit man and discern what needs to be broken in your life. Call out those things that have been hindering you by name. Spirits have names. Don’t just ask God to fix you. Speak to the mountain and tell it leave! Call out spirits of depression, disorganization , clutter, unforgiveness, backbiting, etc. Call out those names and tell them to leave your home, your workplace, your friends and your family.

Call out friends and family members names and command those spirits to leave your friends and family alone. Hinderance is real and it is a result of chains holding us back. The bible talks about how our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty for the pulling down of strongholds. Our weapon is prayer. Prayer is the bridge that fills the gap from the natural to spiritual. Prayer brings God on the scene, prayer allows angels to minister on our behalf. We need to pray every day.

I took a break from my normal worship routine for two days this week. Every morning after I’ve eaten I worship and praise God for 30 minutes or however long He leads me. I took a break because I felt like it was too routine and I really wanted to be led by God. This morning I started back that “routine” and realized why I should have never stopped.

This morning was perhaps the most overcome I have ever been by the Spirit of God. You ever see or even experienced yourself being overcome by the Spirit of God?

Your prayer starts off normal but then all of a sudden as you go deeper and deeper you hit a nerve, like a spiritual nerve. That was me this morning, as I was praying and going deeper and touching deeper subjects I all of a sudden began to feel overcome by the Spirit and just was weeping and crying and calling out family members names calling out friends names commanding spirits to leave them and myself, banging my hands on the couch in front of me just breaking yokes and after about ten minutes of doing that I stopped and began to catch my breath and realized something was attached to me or my family members or friends and it left. I felt so overcome and after that prayer I just felt a release I felt pounds lighter I felt like a check had cleared between this realm and heaven and something happened. I don’t know who God had me intercede for but the moment I started calling people’s names out I immediately started weeping.

It is so important to start your day off with prayer and to end with prayer as well. Prayer is need to break chains in our lives. We have to go to war with these principalities against us . We cannot let anything or anyone come in between or relationship with God. The longer we stay away from prayer the easier those strongholds get a window to come back. Do not let them enter. Stay on your knees so that nothing will arise unexpectedly in your life.

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