It’s a bit too soon to tell.
Chris Messina

with you on need for responsive service. this is missing piece of the discussion around chatbots and zuckerberg’s comments on “talking to a business like friends / family.” at least for service businesses, customer interaction still requires real human beings to perform some action. these tools need to be integrated into businesses workflow management and operations.

responsive service also require businesses to work across departments in ways they haven’t in the past. for all Hyatt’s laudable intention and presence in the FB launch, take a look at the screen shot below of what messaging looks like in the real world (we tried giving messaging a test drive at an actual Hyatt hotel).

when the part of the business responding to messages is a remote call center agent, it’s tough to deliver on the promise of a free-flowing, human conversation and a satisfying consumer experience.

maintaining one converstion with the customer across all departments / touchpoints / staff means brands need new ways to deliver service.

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