False Expectations

For anybody, but especially younger people, movies have the complete capability to influence and set expectations for things later on in life. I have a question for you guys, for film industries like Hollywood, is the main goal to create realistic movies that have the possibility to not sell so well. Or is it to make movies exciting and make big bucks. Well more often than not the answer is to make movies with the pure goal to make money. People like excitement, danger, conflict and extremity. This is honestly kind of messed up though, kids can be so impressionable, and movies scan be plagued with false or “Hollywoodized” information. “Hollywoodized” is a term people use to describe how movies over exaggerate situations to simply make movies more exciting and ultimately make more money. All of this can effect kids when they grow up and realize that what they thought was real is actually exaggerated.

Let’s take a look at the show Blue Mountain State, this show was wildly popular back at my high school. So many kids I knew praised that show because it showed them what they wanted to see. The show is full of parties, drugs, sex, football and binge drinking. I’ve personally never seen the show but I read a couple reviews about it online. One review on IMBD said “It is one absurd half hour packed with stereotypes of college life that are so exaggerated that your jaw will inevitably drop” and another said “A series about a football team with loads of sex and drugs.. So, college”, it seems pretty obvious that this show could create exaggerated impressions about college to people who have not yet been to college, like high schoolers.

High schoolers who plan to go to college can be affected by unreal expectations set by modern day media, especially movies and shows. Yet the possibility remains that they get to college and their experience doesn’t match what they thought it was going to be like. For this article we are going to focus on the social aspect of college and how it can be different than movies and shows.

In film, there is no genuine human interaction, it’s all acting. There is no fear of saying something stupid, embarrassing themselves or just being awkward in general. But for real life students in college, those potential obstacles and deterrents do exist. And if these students come to college thinking that making friends and being in large scale social situations is easy, and it turns out to them that it’s not, it could cause some problems. Self-esteem and confidence issues could be effected, as well as a general desire to go out and meet new people and experience new social situations.

The possibility also exists that movies and shows about college normalize the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol in college is a weird subject, I remember seeing posters about how to be safe when drinking, rather than encouraging students not to drink. So it seems to me that the consumption of alcohol is considered normal in college, even though it is still illegal for a large amount 0f students who are under 21. For someone that doesn’t want to drink though, they could see these shows and think that drinking is normal and if you don’t drink then you’re not considered “normal”. If people think that, then they can end up drinking when they really don’t want to just to fit in or seem normal.

Although shows like Blue Mountain State can be entertaining, they can also be dangerous in the way that they can create unreal expectations for future students. And those false expectations can do some real damage. Incoming students have to be careful about where they get their expectations from, and they have to be able to accept the fact that not all expectations come true But all of this begs the question, why are people influenced so much by movies and shows?

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