Our Plan to Make Public Colleges and Universities Tuition-Free
Bernie Sanders

Bernie, I worry about the fundamental priciples that this Act lies on. In some of the more Socialist countries we’ve seen the wealth gap dramatically decrease, the lower class have free access to service they previously couldn’t afford, and of course families under a certain income get their college tuition paid for.

All of that sounds great in theory, but I believe when it’s actually executed, something happens to the psychology of the person who accepted it. That person, who previously worked two jobs and saved money like crazy now figures out that they don’t need to work as hard- that their big expenses are already paid for.

I believe this takes the animal spirits away from people who had a serious drive and a huge goal to get their kids to college. I believe giving away more and more free stuff takes us away from the mentality that makes America great- if you come here, you can work really hard and become successful on your own.

ps- this is coming from a 20 y/o college dropout who couldn’t afford it. But I believe my advantage over everyone else is that I’m hungry.

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