Update to Personal Portfolio project

I forked my project and made a v1.1.I made some changes that seemed pretty obvious the day AFTER publishing the original to FCC forum for feedback. I haven’t actually received any feedback at this point. But there were glaring errors that I either hadn’t noticed after staring at it for 3+ days, or hadn’t thought to figure out yet. When I woke up the morning after posting it I remembered there were a few small things that I didn't like. I set about to fixing those, did some more Googling and reading and realized there were GREAT BIG things I hadn’t realized were wrong.

The most notable error, was that I used the -md- sized grid system. I was doing the project on my laptop (my only computer) and the bootstrap Docs suggest that laptop screens use the -md- sized grid. It never occurred to me to consider that it would look horrible on mobile until I posted an embed of it and saw it resized in the iframe window. When I went back to the BS docs to learn how to add multiple screen sizes, I learned that BS is built mobile first. So that means that by using the -xs- sized grid it will automatically be sized for mobile, and will extrapolate up for larger screen sizes and still look correct. It was simply a matter of replacing all of my -md-’s with -xs-’s. I also learned that there are media query’s that check the screen size and deliver different content based on screen size(viewport) but I haven’t yet gotten into the level of detail.

Other fixes included deleting old commented out code. Things I commented instead of deleted “just in case” and no longer needed. I uploaded all my images to one service for image hosting instead of having 3 different image sources to keep track of. Removed the section height parameter, making them dynamic instead of fixed. Finally I made changes to the nav bar button spacing so that they didn't overlap when shrunk to mobile. which they did even after changing my grid size.

Eventually I intend to clean up the code further, such as shorten my color variable names, and try to find unnecessary code repetition in multiple classes and the like. But for now its finished and will be a milestone project. If and when I redo the Personal Portfolio project I will start from the ground up and build it completely from scratch. I wont feel the need to follow the example as closely, and hopefully will have a bunch of new trick up my sleeve as my coding journey progresses.

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