Thank you for this piece.
Rally Stanoeva

Really appreciate your response. I too am not optimistic about widespread attention to the article’s message, but for what it’s worth, some undecideds as well as some Trump supporters reached out to me in response to this article, and all condemned Trump’s words/actions in this case. The right-leaning undecideds told me they cannot vote for Trump but aren’t sure whether there’s anyone else they want to support; the continued Trump supporters could be more aptly titled Clinton opponents, and their dismay gives me some small hope that, with a few more inevitable Trump scandals to chip away at their willingness to cling to him, there’s a chance they vote for one of the other candidates or stay home. There are plenty of diehard Trumpists out there, of course, but it was nice hearing from a few people of different view points who, to one extent or another, were listening and reflecting on how these things might affect their choices.

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