HowTo: Promoting Articles Automagically on #SocialNetworks

Content sharing on social networks earns new business years to come via creative social media marketing

Marketing your articles through free video distribution on YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, Pinterest, and other online video networks will greatly expose your articles to new potential customers who may possibly become new subscribers to your articles, as well as customers. Article promotion on social networks can potentially turn your online article marketing into the next biggest internet million dollar company. That is, if you’re persistent with marketing articles through social networks and providing useful information to search engine and social networking visitors.

It’s a fact writing unique articles and publishing everyday, or, almost everyday can build tons and tons of free social networking and search engine traffic. Article marketing produces endless amounts of unique visitors from just about everywhere online. We all know that almost the entire world hangs out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Ustream, Vimeo, and so many more social networks. What’s not openly shared by these networks directly is that their social networking platforms can be used to your advantage in promoting your articles, blogs, YouTube videos, and webpages for the purpose of increasing visibility free of charge to your online business. Yep. Absolutely free. So how can one promote articles through these social networks free of charge and build traffic back to their articles, using these services?

Let’s start with talking about YouTube. YouTube is the world’s most used video platform for all kinds of video uploading reasons. People who have YouTube accounts can promote their articles for free, by uploading videos that talk about their articles. For example, if you are an article marketer, you can create a video, and talk about the articles you have written. In the video, you can ask visitors to your YouTube videos to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and to please visit the link in the footer of the article at the bottom, pointing to your website or blog. After you have created unique videos talking about the articles you have promoted, simply upload the video to your YouTube channel. After the video is uploaded, you can write a video description in the section to the flush right of the video, that allows you to write about the video you’ve just uploaded. In the video description section, you can write a one, or two paragraph detail about the video, and about the article or articles you are promoting in the video.

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In the body of the video description, include the link or links that point directly to the article (s) you are promoting using the video you’ve uploaded. Including links in the “video description” will help drive traffic to your articles, and will help get extra traffic from major search engines, because search engines will index newly uploaded videos from YouTube, and also index everything written in your video description section. After you’ve completed all of that, simply tag your video at the bottom of the video description. Lastly, click “Save changes,” and you’re done. Inside of your YouTube account, you have the option of automagically sharing your video or videos on Twitter and Facebook. In the dashboard section of your YouTube channel account, you should see services that can be enabled, such as Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter. If you activate the Facebook and Twitter services to automatically post your new videos, every time your channel has new video content, they will “automagically” parse, or “syndicate” your videos to Twitter and Facebook every time, without doing extra work.

What can this do for you? This means that it can expose your articles and videos to the friends you have on Facebook, as well as all of your followers on Twitter. The more people that read your articles, view your YouTube videos, and click your website or blog links, in the footer of the article, the more potential new customers you can convert into repeat visitors and online customers, which also means more money for you to be made online, through means of article marketing and video promotion on YouTube.