#HowTo: Using Article Marketing to Build an #OnlineBusiness

Content is and always will be king on the internet.

Building an online company by means of consistent article marketing is worth going through. Writing unique articles from scratch daily or every other day about creative things you like to do slowly but surely builds your business and free traffic for years to come. Successful article marketing starts with learning from trial and error, in addition to standing out and being unique in your writing. If you have the patience and the will to create 2 to 4 uniquely written articles per day, and submit them to article directories daily for 6 months to a year, you’re virtually good to go in terms of building an online company through article marketing successfully. The thing is patience, patience, and more patience. If you feel you have the business muscle for the hustle and ready to dibble and dabble in the world of online business transformation, go for the gusto.

What is it that you are passionate about? Technology, social networking, affiliate marketing, laptops, digital cameras, education, photography, television producing, acting in motion pictures, or talking about good times in your past? Whatever it is, you can start writing articles today about the topic or niche you are most knowledgeable in and become an authority in that area online. Sharing your expertise and knowledge with others freely has silent rewards. Over time after submitting articles daily, you’ll notice a flood of traffic starting to build up. Whatever you do, don’t write and submit the same article to different directories, because Bing by Microsoft, Google, and YaHoO! will consider that “duplicate content” and will penalize your site in search engine results, resulting in lower SERP positions and a dip in organic web traffic from search engine listings. These are free visitors that are coming to your website or blog to see what you’re offering, so it’s wise to submit only 1 uniquely written article to one article directory. Then write another unique article for another article submission site. Are you understanding now?

If the article content you create is always interesting, expect people to visit your website or blog often, to see what new information you have to empower them online. When sharing information to empower others, it’s always useful to give away something for free too. It could mean anything from a free “How to” video, to something they can download for free, to anything else creatively you can think of so they’ll keep coming back for more. This is how you can build reciprocal or residual traffic. If you have analytics on your site, you’ll have the ability to analyze where your major sources of traffic are coming from. You can use Google Analytics as a free website optimization and analytics tool to measure the effectiveness of your traffic and tell you if your article marketing is working. That’ll also let you know if people who visited your site before are steadily coming back for more, because you can compare analytical graphs to see returning visitors vs. new site visitors.

Once you become an authority in the topic you are successfully creating articles on, people will slowly start buying from you potentially. This is how you can slowly and silently start building your online company. But 1st, you should focus on creating unique and useful informative article content and submit to article directories daily, because that’s when your articles may be potentially accepted and published by the directories you send them to. The more article directories and links that point to your blog or website, the more free traffic you will receive from the search engines. Organic traffic means traffic you didn’t have to pay for slowly converts to online revenue when you’re selling something to the general public through your blog or website.

Writing articles and keeping your content informative and up to date keeps people coming back for more to see what you’re offering online. When you build your audience through article marketing, be sure to include links in the resource box back to your website or blog. This way, you drive free traffic from major search engines to your site and to your online adverts. When sales start building on your site from free traffic from your published articles, you can save enough money and incorporate yourself as an online company. After you start making money online consistently from article marketing and become a success, you’ll then potentially earn enough money to rent a small office and expand yourself into a small online company. Sooner than you know it, you’ll have employees working under you all off of the strength of starting from humble beginnings through article marketing and posting content to your site. That would surely be one of many good memories about your past life you can look back and smile about!