#NYCBusiness: The Best Came from #NewYorkCity and #Brooklyn

There’s many admirable CEO’s today who either dropped out of college, graduated from college, that went above and beyond after their educational endeavors into being [larger than life] in the business world. From Forbes ,Bloomberg, and so many more “list too long to mention,” many of the most successful in business today emerged from New York City, yet, not even mentioning some of those who are in other industries .

Did education contribute to their success? Maybe. With education in or out of the traditional college classroom, a college degree or some alternative form of higher education, and a humble spirit of determination, there’s no telling what anyone can accomplish, when they are positive and optimistic about their hopeful actions towards doing good. Larry Ellison of Oracle gets his respect because he achieved the unimaginable and never graduated from college.

If there’s is anything Larry Ellison and the founder of DrewryNewsNetwork have in common, it’s both have emerged out of Brooklyn, N.Y. And, when it comes to Brooklyn, Flatbush dominates most of Kings County, as most folk from Brooklyn tend to mention which sections specifically they are from, such as Park Slope, Clinton Hill, [East New York-Brownsville], Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Fort Greene, and so 4th. It’s all apart of the main body of Brooklyn, which is Flatbush. Ellison’s status in completing his degree: “[B]Dropout, University of Chicago; Dropout, University of Illinois at Urbana.”

That drove him more to succeed in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Ellison, once again, came from Brooklyn, N.Y. No matter where you’re from, or level of education you have in or out of college, have faith in yourself and remain positive in all you strive to accomplish. A college degree is always a great thing to have. Anyone that has the blessed opportunity to attend; be all you can be, and make others proud.

DrewryNewsNetwork respectfully commends and admires Larry Ellison of Brooklyn, New York, for being his own person, believing in himself, and taking a chance in starting his own venture. It takes a lot of positive thinking, and staying humbly rogue concerning building from the ground floor up in business, succeeding in anything for the good of inspiring others. Mr. Ellison, thank you, for inspiring people to pursue their business dreams. Although it’s always a good thing to amass a heavy net worth, a giving heart in coming from humble beginnings keeps anyone residually blessed beyond finance . Keep up the good work Mr. Ellison. Thank you for being a positive role model for hope.