#PassionateArticleMarketing: Writing About Your #FavoriteActivities

Organically promoted content will always be a powerful medium of free web exposure

Any topic you write about is what will motivate you to keep writing, so you can build free traffic back to your site or blog and potentially make money online, with advertisements on your site. Let’s say for instance you like to work on computers as a part time businesses, aside from your day job. In your articles, you can write about what brand of computers interest you the most, and why. Secondly, you can continue writing about how you like to modify desktop computers, laptops, CD-RW and DVD Drives on laptops and computer desktops, modify desktop motherboards, computer memory cards and so forth. Everything you do to fix computers on the side as your business, could be written in unique articles, and then those articles can be submitted to article directories online for potential inclusion in directories that publish articles for authors who submit articles regularly.

You’re probably wondering…since I got my creative juices flowing now and know what to write about, how can make money online for free, and no spend no money up front? Simple! For starters, you’ll create a free blog, by Blogger.com. Blogger is a free blogging service by Google, that allows anyone to start a free blog, hosted on the blogspot blogging network. You simply sign up for a free account, create a name for your blogger blog, publish it to the world online, and create your first post. Your 1st post could be anything like “Hello, this is my first blog post and I’m letting the world know I’m online now.” That’s just a sample. Now, most people who are going to only talk about a certain topic like to create a blog name with a name, word, or phrases similar to what they will be blogging and writing articles about on the internet. Creating a blog name with keywords or phrases similar to your topic of interest you’ll blog online about helps search engines better understand what your blog and topic. In addition, it’ll potentially help you get more free traffic online if you name your blog similar to what you’ll blog on. For example, if someone likes to work on computers part-time as their side business, they can create a free blog entitled “Computer Super Handyman Blog,” or something creative within that topic. You wouldn’t name a blog about cooking, if you’re talking about computers.

Once your blog is setup on blogger, there is a tab in your blogger dashboard that says something possibly like “Monetize your blog” or [Monetize blog]. If you click that tab, it’ll tell you about a great and free money making program online called Google AdSense. AdSense by Google is a contextual ad program, where new publishers and bloggers like yourself can sign up for free, through their blogger dashboard and make money online with your blog. Once you’ve completely setup your new Google AdSense account as a publisher, you can size up your ad units, from within your AdSense account. From there, you can configure where you would like to place ads in your blog, so that you receive the most exposure and potential business from your blog posts and articles. And, that’s pretty much it. Oh, you can place up to 3 ad units in your blog, along with 2 search boxes, and 3 link units, which will help you to get exposure to search engine traffic, and make money online with ads, next to your blog posts.

When you write articles and submit them online, be sure to include a link in the resource box back to your blog, so you can build up free traffic from submitting articles to article directories online. The more articles you write and submit daily, with links in the resource, or author box back to your blog, the more traffic you receive from articles you’ve submitted online to article directories, the more traffic you receive, the more you move up in search engine listings, and the more potential money you make online.
Hopefully you’re inspired to start your online business about time you finish reading this article. Just bear in mind overthink some time before you start seeing serious traffic from your content marketing efforts. It’s worth the patience to endure the test of time and continue creating valuable content in the form of articles and blog posts or webpages, because it’s a beautiful labor of love and will work out for you financially in the long run. If you love doing what you do it’s really not considered work. With that said, keep a long-term vision in mind. Most importantly, “stay humble.”