#StayHumble: Unwritten Rules for Engagement in the World of #OnlineBusiness

Put God first before starting your day and put HIM first before planning to do anything good business and personal wise!

If you want to succeed online and offline in your business efforts, you have to “change your mindset.” Humility and having good relationships with others are the keys to business success. Drewry News Network can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stay humble in the field of entrepreneurship.

It’s so easy online “since the internet is emotionless” for a business or blogger to be perceived as “arrogant.” An unwritten rule of thumb for meaningful engagement on the web is watch your words in your site content. Words are powerful. They can be taken the wrong way and can land you in a lot of trouble. When words are used in a humble tone, it may propel your online business to the next level in a positive way.

Another unwritten rule for meaningful engagement online is to engage with people meaningfully in your business endeavors. Having a humble heart towards “serving others first” before trying to sell a product or service to people online is a clear and concise demonstration of sincerity. Not everyone wants a marketing message or product virtually shoved down their throat. If someone comes to you “the online business owner” and seeking specific information “maybe something like a food recipe that’s hard to find,” make it your business to do the research for them, post the information on your site, include a link to the site or blog where they can go for more information and don’t ask for anything in return. Nine times out of they’ll remember the good deed you did for them without asking for their business and may come back to your site later to give you business. This is also a great way to “build business rapport and trust” with people online, gain free advertising for your site by their positive word of mouth testimony about what you’ve done for them, and perhaps some advertising revenue earned along the way.

Last but not least, another rule for meaningful engagement on the web is to never “under no circumstances whatsoever” call anyone out online. No matter who it is or what you might have in your heart against them, either speak respectfully of others when you name drop them on your site, or, you don’t say anything at all. Having “humility and character” in your spirit as a person will help you refrain from speaking adverse about anyone. If you always speak positive of others when mentioning them and show respect online, it can positively boost your business on the net and increase your entrepreneurial faith.

Now that you have a rough idea of how to conduct thyself online when promoting your blog or website, “always carry yourself with class and sophistication on the web.” You never know who’s on your site reading any of your content. Respect, respect, respect others and always speak positive of authority figures. Your business will succeed in times of uncertainty if you can stick to the script of online and offline humility. Be encouraged to make all kinds of healthy changes and never stop doing the transformation work.