#StraightTruth: 5 Reasons Why Some #AffiliateMarketers Don’t Earn #GoodMoney

Jun 21, 2017 · 6 min read

Let’s face it. This affiliate marketing stuff is challenging when a person is just starting out. And really harder if you’re one that used to use the internet just to meet singles and nothing more. Getting serious about starting and profiting in the world of online business requires a dedicated mindset. The hard-line fact about today’s world is there’s virtually no more employment currently available to supply pension benefits, inspiring some people to go into business for themselves. With no pension plan or health care benefits or additional perks involved in business and especially the world of Internet business, it’s an unwritten rule that when you start and operate an online business, not only do you have to be in a dedicated mindset to succeed in operating your own blog or website and promoting affiliate programs, you also have to be responsible with the money you earn as an affiliate marketer by putting some away for your future retirement.

Are you passionate about affiliate marketing but everything else is distracting your mind from unleashing your full affiliate publisher potential? What’s distracting you now will cost you more money down the road. And what you don’t learn now as an affiliate marketer will hurt you financially down the road. Did you know there’s virtually unlimited free sources across the Internet and on YouTube searches free affiliate marketing lessons and directions to help you succeed in your affiliate business potential? You have no reason to fail as an affiliate marketer. The only other reason why you would fail as an affiliate marketer is because you fail to be organized. Getting organized is the key to long-term success in affiliate marketing and anything else good you do in life.

Here’s five reasons why some affiliate marketers fail to earn good money in affiliate marketing:

1. Doesn’t know much about proper methods of promoting affiliate programs — you’re probably an ambitious person who is passionate about business and knows little about the world of affiliate marketing. You probably just got into this line of work and unsure how it works. And that’s okay. Search Google or Yahoo or YouTube.com for relevant information about “the best ways to promote affiliate programs on blogs and websites.” You’ll find priceless information from reputable blogs, YouTube videos and websites about creative ways to promote affiliate programs and get paid for making sales from your affiliate links. Remember to keep the dedicated mindset of consistent promotion of your affiliate links even on days you don’t earn one dime. This will take you out of the failure status as an affiliate and put you in the potential status of earning good money as an affiliate marketer. And yes, this can turn into a full-time living for you as well as a way to get out of your cushy day job.

2. Still working on your cushy job — your cushy day job may be holding you back from unleashing your full potential as an entrepreneur. Truth is, you need that job for the moment to pay your bills whether it be your rant, home mortgage, and pay for necessities. And that’s okay if you’re working on your cushy job for the moment. Don’t make your cushy job the center of your life because truth is, when your employer no longer needs you, they will dispose of you and have someone else in your place probably paying them more money or less money. Don’t depend on your cushy day job to pay you a healthy pension 20 or 30 years down the road because anything can likely happen. Always keep a side hustle of using your home computer and Internet connection as a means of building up your blog or website from scratch with fresh content and join relevant and quality paying affiliate programs by joining multiple affiliate networks. If you let your cushy day job run your life, they’ll have you taking your job home with you and doing work while you’re not on the schedule. You always want to work on your blog or website regardless because this is what will pay you fruitful dividends later down the road if you get started now and don’t focus on your cushy job as a means of keeping you financially sustained in longevity.

3. Your mind is scattered — your mind is probably all over the place thinking about this, thinking about that, or doing too much at once. Focus on one thing right now which is starting an online business and promoting affiliate programs on your blog or website. Get in the consistent mindset that if you have a content-based blog or website which will promote affiliate programs from, make it a positive habit of posting once a day to your site in the form of “Evergreen blog content.” Evergreen blog content is the form of a long blog post consisting of meaningful information with a unique combination of text and image plus streaming video from YouTube. When you clear your mind and get in the healthy mindset of posting once a day to your blog or website with a lengthy and meaningful contact and post at least six times weekly if not the entire seven days a week for at least 2 to 3 years, you can benefit from steady streams of traffic from search engines and social networks whereas you’ll earn good money as an affiliate marketer. When you allow anything and life to keep your mind scattered, you distort and hamper your potential of earning good money in affiliate marketing.

4. You don’t have speech recognition on your PC or laptop — you need this priceless program on your computer so your fingers don’t build up carpal tunnel syndrome over the years through posting content to your site. The purpose of the speech recognition program installed on your laptop or desktop PC is to use the power of your voice to watch words appear on the screen in proofreading them before posting to your site. Your voice can create content at lightspeed and help you move up in search engine results pages, thus resulting in the increased potential of earning good affiliate commissions from promoting affiliate programs on your blog or website. A speech recognition program is a must have for any dedicated blogger or Internet marketer because it will increase your online business ambition to be unleashed to its fullest positive potential.

5. Not using every free online resource available to promote your affiliate business — you need to promote your website through YouTube video marketing, consistently posting content to your site, and sharing links to new content on multiple social platforms at once. If you’re using WordPress as your blog publishing platform, there’s an array of useful WordPress plug-ins available free and paid that will help you increase your social presence. Perform a search in Google or Yahoo more information. You can also use other free online resources such as article marketing and creating PDF files to promote links to your blog or website and share them on filesharing networks. These are some of many free online resources available to help promote your affiliate business and increase the potential of making more money in affiliate marketing. This is not the line of work for you if you’re a lazy person and don’t believe affiliate programs can change your life financially.

You can bring a person so the water but it’s up to them the drinking. There’s five simple reasons why some affiliate marketers fail to earn good money. If you have personal ambition whereas you don’t need someone standing over your shoulder to patch you on the back every time you do a good job nor do you need anyone around you to keep you encouraged, this is the line of work for you. Envision yourself weight you want to be five years from now if you’re affiliate business. Do you plan on staying in the situation you’re currently in or do you have goals?


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