#ThisReallyWorks: 5 Easy Ways #Bloggers Can Increase #NaturalTraffic

May 21, 2017 · 7 min read
Content is always will be king

Blogging can be a full time business for you if you invest creativity and effort into your venture. It’s not going to be easy starting out. You’ll need lots of patience in this line of work because earning virtually unlimited traffic to your blog is a patient process and requires bloggers to have a long-term vision where they desire their blogging businesses to be years to come. With that said, it doesn’t matter where you are in life right now. What you need to focus on right now is how you’re going to stay creative in your blogging efforts and keep your blog posts lengthy. Lengthy blog posts are known as “Evergreen blog posts.” What’s an Evergreen blog post? It’s a blog post where the published page is 1000 words or better. It’s not just a bunch of fluff stuffed into a blog post for the purpose of making the page look lengthy. An Evergreen blog post not only provides useful information empowering blog readers, but it’s also published as an Evergreen blog post for the intent of provoking meaningful online discussion. An Evergreen blog posts is published for the intent of giving readers something to think about, additionally to quietly and subliminally encouraging them to share what they’ve read with others on social networks. Some bloggers don’t know today that Evergreen blog posts quietly get more preference from search engines versus blogs that only have a paragraph or two published in them.

Are you a blogger struggling to get traffic and keep traffic coming in from search engines and social networks? Take a look at the five helpful suggestions below designed to get your creative juices flowing and assist you in revamping your blogging strategy. You may want to bookmark this article to your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser for future reference and share with others on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or discuss in a YouTube video.

Autoshare published blogs on social networks — Autosharing content using free services such as Twitterfeed, Buffer, and Dlvr.it is a great way to stay connected with your loyal targeted blog reading audience. The beauty of auto-sharing content using those free services is not having to worry about logging in to individual social networks to publish links to your newly published blogs every time. The free auto sharing service automatically grabs content from your blog’s RSS feed and auto posts to the social networks you specify.

Another words, if you want your content automatically shared on your personal Facebook profile, Facebook fan page, Facebook group, Twitter, Google Plus, or Tumblr page, all you have to do is follow the simple directions in your free auto sharing account and select the social networks you want your content auto shared to. Auto sharing your content to social networks increases the probability of building natural backlinks back to your blog to improve your online reputation score, as well as potentially listing you higher in search engine results pages as a result of credible social networks referencing your content. Auto sharing your content on social networking platforms opens doors of infinite possibilities to your content also being shared by people on those social networks which in turn gives you free advertising. Now do you see the bigger picture in using auto sharing services to post your content automatically to social networks?

Blog longer posts — Part of this was discussed in the previous paragraph above. Evergreen content should be your primary focus. Evergreen content will help your site get traffic faster from search engines and social networks so you can focus primarily on creating quality Evergreen long form content to keep your target audience engaged in longevity. A good way of creating Evergreen content is to not only write a lengthy post over 1000 words and better, but spice it up a little. You can include infographics, stock photos, YouTube videos, embedded tweets from Twitter, embed photo posts from Instagram, so on and so on. People are immediately engaged to streaming online video. Why not add a video to your blog post to make things even more interesting?

Adding video, infographics, embedded tweets and images, and other forms of relevant content to your Evergreen blog posts will make things very interesting and stir up the minds of your target audience. The end result is your readers feeling compelled to share links to your published Evergreen blog posts on social networks and in e-mails to their family, friends, and coworkers, thus giving you free advertising and increasing the probability of you making more money from your blog if you have advertisements on it from advertisers you’ve chosen to partner with. Blogging longer posts open doors to infinite possibilities way beyond getting more traffic free of charge from search engines years to come. It also increases the probability of increasing your online income potential.

Include links to blog posts in YouTube videos — This is a free and natural method to leverage free traffic from the world’s number one online video sharing platform. YouTube! Not only can you use the free video sharing platform as a means of getting free traffic from it and improving your blog visibility, you can also use the video sharing platform as a means of improving your long-term search engine optimization objectives. What do I mean by that? Any time you include a link pointing back to your blog in your YouTube video description, that’s quietly noticed by search engine spiders and indexed in search engine results pages. It gives your site more credibility to get linked to from YouTube.

Additionally, you never know who’s searching in major search engines to discover new video content. When you’re videos show up in search engine listings with links pointing back to pages on your blog, you improve the probability of getting free traffic and making more money. YouTube is also a great video platform for people to improve their online visibility and respectively build million-dollar Internet businesses from. If you’re not already including published blog links in your YouTube video descriptions, now’s the time for you to revamp your online marketing strategy and include video marketing for increased blog traffic.

Use WordPress for blogging and a WP content scheduling plugin — Having complete administrative control over your WordPress blog requires you to rent a dedicated Web server. A dedicated server has enough bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and allocated IP addresses to help you WordPress blog with stand tons of people being on your blog site at once. WordPress is by far the best semantic blog publishing platform in the world you need to host on your dedicated server. With that said, there’s a plethora of free WordPress plug-ins to help you enhance the functionality of your blog. The “WordPress content scheduling plug-in” allows you to auto publish WordPress blogs while unattended from your computer. Another words, your blog continues publishing at eight in times you specify through configuration of the WordPress content scheduling plug-in while you’re out and about doing other things in your day.

With that said, it means you can write Evergreen blog posts days in advance and schedule blog posts to publish a week or two weeks later down the road any time you want. You might be someone that doesn’t like sitting at the computer publishing content all day long. Or you might be someone who currently holds down a day job and wants your blog to continue publishing while you’re at work. You can achieve that easily with the free WordPress content scheduling plug-in. It also gives bloggers a piece of mind because you don’t have to sit at your blog trenching all day struggling to create content. Are you seeing the bigger picture in using this plug-in for business blogging and getting traffic years to come?

Write everyday if you can — Perhaps you’re one of few people dedicated to blocking with much time on your hands and possibly walk around with a laptop on you at all times. If you currently own a blog and take your laptop you everywhere you go, it’s a good idea or two right often and published to your blog every day if you can’t. Search engines love when bloggers keep their sites updated daily with fresh content. You increase the likelihood of getting indexed faster in search engine results pages resulting in an “enormous increase in block traffic.”

The bump in blog traffic to your site will definitely result in increased blog income potential. The Internet is open season for bloggers blogger way to their heart’s content and putting themselves in a position to earn as much money as possible. Right, right, and right Evergreen content to your heart’s content and search engines will reward you years to come.

These are only some of many free methods to increase blog traffic. You can have all the free information in the world designed to help you improve your business. But without passion and effort invested in your business, you’ll never get it off the ground. Now that you know how to organically explode blog traffic to your blog for years to come from search engines and social networks and YouTube, what are you going to do with this valuable information now that it’s in your virtual hands?


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