A view from Highway 1

Chapter 1: Changing of the seasons

I sat up and looked around. The space was small and cramped, but enough to store everything I owned. I rented a small white U Haul cargo van, and purchased a used mattress that I laid on the floor of the van to sleep on. I purchased an auxiliary battery to keep me connected, and hit the road.


The illusory self

Always striving, yet never reaching

A strange concoction of dreams, memories and fictions

Remembered, realized and remixed

Strange loops stuck on a loop

Inextricably woven into the cassette tape of our character

A byproduct of our nature

A dangerous distortion

Yet a glimmer of hope

Below — a meditation:

Imagine that illusory self

Without judgement

Now imagine what you are

In these discrepancies lies the roadmap to growth

It’s been awhile since I have been able to journal, but I wanted to write this for myself as a mental recap of my summer at Google, and to share with others the lessons I have learned during my internship at Google. I hope you enjoy! :)


Configure your audience’s perspective, so you get the feedback you want.

When showing other stakeholders your work, I’ve learned the hard way how critical it is to clearly create the context you want your audience to perceive your solution within. Clearly outlining the scenario you want to play out in your audience's mind will help calibrate the feedback you receive. …

It has been over two weeks now since I purchased a pair of Snap Inc. Spectacles. When I first purchased them, I had low expectations for the product, but I figured it would be worth giving them a try to see what insights could be gleaned from their shortcomings. Thus far, I have been pleasantly surprised by the product, and Snap Inc. as a company.

The Glasses

Some think its a stylish pair of shades, while others are disturbed that Im walking around with a camera on my head.

After owning a pair of Spectacles for a week, one thing has become…

He looked up, snow pouring into his face. Cold gripped his expression, leaving him with a frozen face, bereft of emotion. He didn’t know where he was or how he got there, only that he did not like it and wanted to leave. He looked up towards the sky, the solemn cliff reaching infinitely into the clouds, menacing in its jagged reverence. The ice hung from the edge of the cliff-hang over the cave where he crouched, icicles dangling downward, the teeth of some unknown beast. He sat for hours, minutes, days, it didn’t matter; time was meaningless in this…

Andrew sibert

Experience Designer

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