”Information Literacy Education” and Information Literacy

Being educated in information literacy is important in our modern society. Being able to locate evaluate and apply information to our lives is vital to our functioning. There is no career path where the skills taught in information literacy education are not viable. Not only is information literacy education beneficial to the careers we seek in our lives. It is beneficial to the decisions we make in our lives. In this blog post I will attempt to convey the importance of information literacy through the words of our president, Barack Obama, meanwhile, also conveying how the world of information has changed.

Traditionally, information propagators had no other way finding information other than Primary and Secondary sources. I would not state that information literacy was less important than it is today. However, I would state that information literacy is more relevant than ever. Before, information still required location, evaluation and implementation. There was just less information or misinformation being spread. The quality of information may have not changed at all for all we know but the scale of information certainly has. Other than word-of-mouth, TV news, and printed news paper we have information available through the web. The web contains substantially more mediums for communication that convey information. The president tried to draw attention to the importance of information literacy in a proclamation from October in 2009, “A 24-hour news cycle and thousands of global television and radio networks, coupled with an immense array of online resources, have challenged our long-held perceptions of information management.” (Barack 2009).

President Obama sees information literacy as more relevant than ever. In his presidential proclamation obama states that, “Over the past decade, we have seen a crisis of authenticity emerge. We now live in a world where anyone can publish an opinion or perspective, whether true or not, and have that opinion amplified within the information marketplace.” (Barack, 01 October, 2009). The advancements in technology that brought us smartphones and social media also provided the tools for anyone to propagate information. Anyone can be an information propagator and as much that is a blessing it is also a curse. Now everyone has the ability to independently spread beneficial information without the assistance of a third party broadcasting network.

With anyone having the capacity to spread information we need to understand the importance of information literacy education. This is relevant to information literacy because if the information illiterate outnumber the information literate, non-beneficial information with drown out beneficial information. These tools that connect us to vast information still have potential to be great assets. I believe that this technological advancement highlighted the increasing importance of the teachings in SI 110. Once the echoing of misinformation is less prominent than the echoing of truth, our democracy and quality of life will improve. We will all experience a reduction in the amount of time loss due to misinformation.


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