On The Death Of A Brilliant Public Servant
Sara Benincasa

Halfway respectable people at least pretend that they have something that resembles a cursory knowledge of what they’re talking about when they attack a dead man. Especially when this dead man is one of the most brilliant minds America has ever produced. Why don’t you spend some of your time instead of blabberingly ridiculing a dead man, actually figuring out what the job of the Supreme Court is? The job of The Supreme Court is not to create social justice of any kind, nor to create anything at all. The job of a Supreme Court Justice is to ensure that the current governmental bodies are obeying the Constitution and that no laws enacted are ununconstitutional. Any idiot who has read the Constitution knows that there is NO precedent for making it illegal to enforce a one woman — one man definition of government. NONE. Justice Scalia didn’t hate minorities. He just knew how to do his job. Maybe you should try to learn the same.

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