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Couple of other points to tag on here since others have done a good job pointing how other flaws in the piece.

“or because his college sample size wasn’t quite big enough (Tom Brady),”

Um, what? Didn’t Brady start his final 2 years at Michigan? Pretty sure he had 20+ starts, which is a good sample size, probably even a standard sample size. It’s the guys that have one year of starts (13 or less) that typically fail at the NFL level (people like Sanchez).

“ This spring, Watson started climbing the big boards and even vaulted over Trubisky. The Ringer’s Danny Kelly believes Watson could go as high as fourth to Jacksonville”

Wonderful way to A) lie and B) pimp the site’s own content at the same time. Watson isn’t vaulting over Trubisky. Most every mock “expert” I’ve seen still has Trubisky as the first QB taken, usually in the Top 10 to 12. Some don’t even have Watson in the 1st round. Hell, as I’m typing this, I’m listening to Mel Kiper on Russillo & Kannell saying Watson should be downgraded because Mike Williams made him look good (not that I agree, just pointing out what’s really out thee). If there’s a QB shooting up the boards, its Patrick Mahomes.

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