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Couple thoughts here

First off,is it really all that out of place for a team picking #5 to work out the top prospect? That doesn’t strike me as “omg, something big is going down!” so much as its “we’re just doing our due diligence here”. Considering its the Kings, doing the latter is pretty shocking.

Also, if Ford’s report of the Kings willing to give up 5 and 10 for Fox is true, you kinda have to make that move if you’re LA, right? Hometown kid fairy tales aside, Ball isn’t light years ahead of the other PG prospects (the Ringer’s coverage does a good job showing how equally good and flawed all are, especially the forgotten Smith). So if you move down to 5, there’s still a chance to get Ball or Smith and pick up another lottery pick in a loaded class. LA needs talent. If you have any questions at all about Ball, you make that deal. There’s a better shot of one of the two prospects hitting it big than whatever you pick at #2.

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