Day Trading the (TF) Emini Russell

Oct 15, 2015: Entered on green arrow, no heat, blue line was target. Easy. I started trading at 6:30. I will teach you how to trade and then we will trade together. Most days I will post a new trades (winner or lessons in managing money (there are never losers if you follow rules). We will make money every week and most days. Why the blue line? This is a 3 minute chart I used the 60 minute chart for the target. Figure it out. There were also 2 more entries before, that were safe, but I just missed them. You will miss trades, but it doesn’t matter there are always more. Later in the day we went up another 20 points ($2000/contract). Nothing unusual. It was also marked up on the 60. Hint (testing the shoulder).

You will not learn this in a book, and the people who teach it won’t be local.
This is for anyone 100 miles from Marin.

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