It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! .. It’s Time Flying By!!

Whoops! It’s been THREE WEEKS since my last Blog post. This is a self-reminder to be harder on myself to make the time to post more frequently: DO IT!

Where to begin… so much has happened. There’s been the Global Day of Code Retreat, the SLC chapter of UtahJS and JS Learners Meet-Up, Group Projects, Pair Projects, Solo Projects: Calculator, Hangman, Space Invaders, React-Blog-App, CodeWars Katas, and TDD with Mocha and Jasmine.

Also the concepts we’ve covered: while loops, IIFEs, callbacks, Asynchronous API calls, Promises, Unit Testing, UnderscoreJS(lodash), webpack, closures, SASS, Objects (“this” Prototypes Constructors), ternary statements, .bind method, React, deploying projects on Heroku, using JSON objects, spread syntax, continuous integration, and higher order functions.

Reading back on that list brings a smile to my face as three weeks ago they might as well have been in Mandarin for how much sense they would have made to me, but now I know enough to actually explain at least a fundamental understanding of them, or even provide concrete examples of some of them from scratch. It feels really good to have a map of the progress I’ve made in my journey thus far.

One thing I’ve noticed about programming is how much focus it takes. Problem solving requires concentration. Concentration makes time go faster. My days are flying by so quickly I catch myself saying things like “remember when we talked about this yesterday” when it’s, in fact, been over a week since that topic. Although I do feel like I’m ‘losing’ time to this phenomenon, it’s nice because my last job each day felt like it dragged on and on and lasted two or three times as long as the clocks claimed. For my next job, I feel like I’m going to go from 9 to 5 instantly every day and probably wish I had more hours in the day to continue to work. I’m looking forward to it.