Mark It Done!

Tonight I wanted to call it quits after spending a full day grappling with our newest topic in our cohort, D3, SVG… presenting data in a visual form. Very interesting stuff and I’ve only scratched the surface after putting in a full day of lecture and homework. After looking at my laptop from 8:30 this morning to 6:00 this evening, I cooked an excellent zucchini dish for my wife and myself and then sat with her to watch television beside her on the couch. Then… it hit me.

I never finished getting my filter feature on the blog project we’re working on. I have the unique months and tags auto-populating lists on my side bar, but clicking on them doesn’t do anything yet. As quickly as I had stuffed it in its bag, my laptop was out again and in my lap as I studied other people’s solutions and tried to figure out how to apply them to my own project. I am once again thankful to find help from my classmates as well as complete strangers and lean on them so heavily to make code that does what I want it to.

After excitedly showing my new feature to my unenthused wife, I can finally give it up for the day, knowing that I have checked another box off of my To-Do List.

Looking forward to the next one!

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